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Goodyear Farm Tires

In 2005, Titan Tire Corporation closed on the acquisition of Goodyear's North American farm tire assets, which included the manufacturing facility in Freeport, Illinois. Titan went on to acquire Goodyear's Latin America farm tire business in 2010.

Goodyear Farm Tires, with more than 100 years of global experience in the agricultural industry, has a long tradition of leading the way in farm tires with new technologies, innovations and premium designs. As with the introduction of rubber farm tires, it's hard to imagine running tractor tires without many of the innovations Goodyear has developed over the years. The innovation continues today.

Goodyear isn't content just developing technologies to address the challenges of today's growers. We look at upcoming trends in equipment and develop premium technologies that will one day be looked at as essential to farming.

Grower challenges: Soil Comp Action, Load Capacity and Traction
Today's tractors and combines are heavier and more powerful than ever before, and this is a trend that is expected to continue. As a result, growers running conventional tires have to run their tires at higher inflation pressures in order to carry the load. This often means sacrificing some of the benefits that come with running at lower inflation pressures, including reduced soil compaction and better traction. Goodyear believes growers shouldn't have to sacrifice performance in one area to improve performance in another.

The Goodyear advantage: Increased Flexion (IF) Technology
Don't make a sacrifice. Let the technology work for you. IF technology allows tires to carry 20 percent higher loads at the same inflation pressure as a conventional farm tire. They can also carry the same load at 20 percent lower inflation pressures, resulting in better flotation, reduced soil compaction and improved traction without having to sacrifice load capacity.

Grower Challenges: Road Lope and Power Hop
Today's heavy, high-powered tractors and combines are rated for higher speeds, and growers are traveling greater distances between fields than ever before. With this trend expected to continue, ride quality is becoming ever more important. For the grower or harvester that regularly travels 10 or more miles between fields, a bouncy ride (also known as road lope) can slow them down and severely inhibit productivity. That shouldn't have to be the case.

The Goodyear Advantage: Low Sidewall (LSW) Technology
LSW tires feature a lower aspect ratio and smaller sidewall than a comparable conventional tire. The larger the sidewall, the more potential there is for recoil and bouncing. The smaller sidewall of the LSW design dampens the swaying motion that results in road lope when traveling at high speeds, keeping the operator comfortable and productive between fields.

Leading the Movement: Combining IF and LSW Technologies
Goodyear Farm Tires is the only company to combine the stability and ride quality benefits of LSW with the lower inflation pressures and increased load capacities of IF technology. By combining the two, Goodyear has created tires with unparalleled performance both in the field and on the road.

• LSW ( LOW SIDEWALL TECHNOLOGY) design concept will revolutionize future of tire performance
• LSW's short sidewalls will greatly reduce bounce in the field and on the road
• LSW's lower sidewall height increases side slope stability and improve handling
• LSW concept will improve overall ride and handling on long transports
• LSW's shorter sidewall will increase carcass life.

Titan's core business is to provide high-quality wheels and tires to the agricultural community. Our customers include top OEMs like John Deere, Case New Holland, Kubota and AGCO, as well as individual farmers who purchase Titan and Goodyear Farm tires through local independent dealers. Characterized by quality craftsmanship, unique tread designs and excellent durability, Titan is leading the way in agriculture. No other tire company focuses on agriculture, and no one does it better than Titan with the largest dealer network and selection of tires and wheels in the industry.


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