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Emporia - (620) 343-8473

Fredonia - (620) 378-4528

Garden City - (620) 276-2323

Goodland - (785) 899-3689

Great Bend - (620) 793-5477

Hays - (785) 628-1071

Hutchinson - (620) 663-3381

Liberal - (620) 624-4823

Norton - (785) 877-5181

Park City - (316) 744-0401

Pittsburg - (620) 231-7210

Salina - (785) 825-8724

Topeka - (785) 232-4400

Chadron - (308) 432-4488

Holdrege - (308) 995-6188

Lexington - (308) 324-6374

McCook - (308) 324-6374

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Omaha - (402) 592-3458

Scottsbluff - (308) 632-7731

Sidney - (308) 254-5125

Guymon - (580) 338-2516

Burlington - (719) 346-5358
Lamar - (719) 336-9075

Nebraskaland Tire and Service

208-38 Goodyear
340 90R28 Goodyear
440 80R28 Goodyear
650 75R32 Goodyear (245R32)
380 85R34 Goodyear
520 85R38 Titan (208 R38)
710 70R38 Goodyear
380 90R50 Goodyear
1000 50R25 Michelin
750 65R26 Michelin
600 65R28 Michelin
520 85R42 Michelin
42-2500-20 Goodyear
460 85R38 BKT
520 85R42 BKT (208R42)
480 80R50 BKT (184R50)
500-45-225 Alliance
550-45-225 Alliance
700-50-225 Alliance
800-45-265 Alliance
48-3100-20 Alliance
380 90R46 Alliance
480 80R46 Alliance (184R42)

We have many other sizes in stock - call one of our locations

Farm Tires Overstock Sale
Farm Tires Overstock Sale
Farm Tires Overstock Sale   Farm Tires Overstock Sale

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Compact Line
Kansasland Tire - Terra Turf Tires - Salina, Kansas
The Kansasland Tire Terra and Turf Group are the experts in the field. Years of experience make us the folks to call on for your normal or not so normal needs. Whether that need is to go wider, taller, narrower or shorter, we can design and supply everything you may need. Tires designed for high load capacity, low compaction, good traction and the custom or stock wheels to go with them.
Rear Tractor Wheels  Double Bevel Rims
Implement Wheels  Skid Steer Wheels
Turf Buff & Retreads  Solid Tires  Foam Filled Tires

Nebraskaland Tire - Holdrege, Nebraska
All your ag tire and wheel needs without ever leaving the farm whether it be the quality you need or the price you want...
We can provide the best choice to fit any need that you have (shipping available).
Check out our used tires, wheels and rims - Click Here

Rim Guard™ The Superior Tire Ballast
Rim Guard™ Advantage - Since the invention of rubber agricultural tractor tires, farmers have been adding ballast to their tractors to maximize their pulling power and to optimize balance and stability. That ballast comes in two forms: iron weights and liquid-filled tires. Liquid ballast comes in many forms. Most types of liquid ballast have some limitation. They freeze. They're no heavier than water. They're toxic, corrosive or very expensive.
Rim Guard™ The Superior Tire Ballast
Rim Guard was developed and patented in 1998 as a liquid tire ballast that overcame all of the shortcomings of other liquid tire ballasts.
• Rim Guard™ is nearly 30% heavier than water
• Rim Guard is non-corrosive
• Rim Guard is non-toxic and biodegradable
• Rim Guard is freeze-resistant down to -35°F
• Rim Guard is cost effective because inner tubes are not needed & tires are easier to repair

Rim Guard is perfect for use with:
• Farm tractors (both modern and antique)
• All types of lawn & garden tractors
• Small tractors with front-end loaders
• Commercial back hoes, bobcats and all-terrain forklifts
• Road graders
Case Case IH STX450 Tires Case IH 9300 Series Tractor Tires Case IH Case IH Case IH Case IH
Case IH Dual Tires Case IH MX170 Case IH MX270 Case IH Farmall Tires Case IH Case IH 4x4 Narrow Tractor Tires
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John Deere Tires  John Deere Tires  John Deere Tires  John Deere 9400 4x4 Tires  John Deere Tires

Farm & Agricultural Tires in stock
Agricultural & Farm Tires in stock

Kansasland's Terra Turf Tires

Nebraskaland's TBO Tire

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