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Alliance Tire Group

Founded in 1950 - Alliance Tire Group specializes in the development, manufacturing, and marketing of Agriculture, Forestry, Construction, Industrial, Earth Moving, and OEM applications under Alliance, Galaxy, and Primex Brands. Backed by nearly 60 years of experience, Alliance Tire Group serves customers in 90 countries and offers a full spectrum of products, from basic entry-level tires to a broad range of superior quality value-added products. The Group is one of the leading tire manufacturers and it successfully competes with the product range available by all well known global tire brands.

Alliance Tire Group has more than 1,100 employees worldwide. The company's line of products includes a full range of radial and diagonal agricultural, multi- purpose, port, and industrial tires. It offers a complete line of flotation tires, forestry, OTR, and earth-movers tires with a wide range of over 1000 active items.

Alliance tires are put to the test every day in 90 countries around the world. Some of the toughest terrain conditions are the proving grounds for Alliance Tire Group's innovative engineering, design, compound chemistry and tire construction.

Alliance is meeting market demands for fast transport in the field of agricultural vehicles and implements, as well as in the area of heavy equipment. The company is well known for its complete range of flotation and row-crop tires and for working closely with customers to develop new sizes, PR and designs to quickly react to the changing market. Alliance offers tires and solutions for various implements, from small wagons to big truck; from field work to over-the -road transportation of commodities to processing facilities or main storage warehouses.

Sales & Marketing
The Group's sales & marketing activities are backed up by a wide and global network of offices, sales reps, warehouses, and dealers who deal with our worldwide target markets.

The total turnover for 2009 was $275 million. The Group generates revenues from sales activities in both the replacement and the OEM markets.

The Group's main offices are located in: Germany, France, Spain, Canada, Argentina, Brazil, Australia, South Africa, Scandinavia, India, Italy, Israel, China, and USA (local offices in Pennsylvania, NY, Alabama, Tennessee, Texas, South Carolina, Arizona, Illinois, Massachusetts, California, and Florida).

Alliance Tire Group can be found around the world in a chain of worldwide dealers, holding stocks of the company's tires.

Strip winders and various state-of-the-art manufacturing tools run by experienced operators allow Alliance to manufacture tires of outstanding quality efficiently and cost-effectively, meeting all ISO 9001-2000 requirements.

Our production capacity ranges from small implement tires to all-steel OTR radials to very large tires. The newly expanded plant in Hadera, Israel is engineered for maximum flexibility, allowing quick changeover for accommodating even small batches in order to meet customer needs.

Design & Engineering
The company's team of design engineers is expert in developing high performance tires.

Alliance designers spend a significant amount of time in the field, testing performances under a wide variety of conditions. They talk to equipment operators and study the design improvements and custom made adjustments. The engineering department is divided into 4 groups: agricultural diagonal tires and earthmoving equipment, agricultural radial tires, passenger tires, truck tires, each specializing in a specific tire types.


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